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Triple Candelabra


  • Image of Triple Candelabra

Low lying triple candelabra with ornate detail.

Image of French Brass Church Candlestick
French Brass Church Candlestick
Image of Small Brass Candle Holders
Small Brass Candle Holders
Image of Iron Double Wall Candleholder
Iron Double Wall Candleholder
Image of Old French Candlestick Lamps
Old French Candlestick Lamps
Image of Florentine Lampbase
Florentine Lampbase
Image of Lovely Pair Wall Sconces
Lovely Pair Wall Sconces
Image of Pair of Old French Wall Sconces
Pair of Old French Wall Sconces
Image of Decorative Pair Wall Sconces
Decorative Pair Wall Sconces
Image of Old Black Lightshades
Old Black Lightshades
Image of Old French Enamel Lightshade
Old French Enamel Lightshade
Image of Copper Base Oil Lamp
Copper Base Oil Lamp
Image of Brass Candelabra
Brass Candelabra
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