Ethereal Cushion Collection 4


  • Image of Ethereal Cushion Collection 4

Original photo taken in the Notre Dame Cathedral at Poitiers and printed on velvet, teamed with velvets and European braids and trim. Feather filled. (Free postage overseas without inner).

Image of Ethereal Cushion Collection 3
Ethereal Cushion Collection 3
Image of Ethereal Cushion Collection 2
Ethereal Cushion Collection 2
Image of Ethereal Collection 1 Cushion
Ethereal Collection 1 Cushion
Image of Large French Window Cushion
Sold out
Large French Window Cushion
Image of Eiffel Tower Cushion
Sold out
Eiffel Tower Cushion
Image of Taupe Quilted Cushion
Taupe Quilted Cushion
Image of Old French Tapestry Cushion
Sold out
Old French Tapestry Cushion
Image of Ethereal Cushion - Madonna
Ethereal Cushion - Madonna
Image of Ethereal Cushion - Angel
Ethereal Cushion - Angel
Image of Linen Cushion - Amber
Linen Cushion - Amber
Image of Linen Cushion - Clay
Linen Cushion - Clay
Image of Linen Cushion
Linen Cushion
Image of Single Bird Cushion
Single Bird Cushion
Image of Double Bird Print Cushion
Double Bird Print Cushion
Image of Flying Ducks Tapestry Cushion
Flying Ducks Tapestry Cushion
Image of Old French Tapestry Floral Cushion
Old French Tapestry Floral Cushion
Image of Grainsack Cushion - Small
Grainsack Cushion - Small
Image of Grainsack Cushion - Medium
Grainsack Cushion - Medium
Image of French Print Linen Cushion
French Print Linen Cushion
Image of Linen Cushion with Print
Linen Cushion with Print
Image of Handpainted Linen Cushion
Handpainted Linen Cushion
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